Mattress Pads

Mattress Pads and Mattress Protectors are designed to go between your mattress and your sheets.  They are designed to protect the mattress and offer another layer of comfort to the sleeper.

London Bridge Linens offers a number of different styles or grades of mattress pads, each designed to do one or both of these.

The Style 6 Felt pad is our least expensive mattress pad, designed for a bare minimum of comfort, protection, and durability.  They are made of a 9.5 oz polyester felt, and are popular in the hospitality industry, where a hotel or motel can comply with ordinances that demand a mattress pad be in place, while still keeping their costs down.

The Vinyl Core Waterproof pad is popular in medical facilities, and for use by small children who need an impermeable moisture barrier designed to stay wet for several hours without allowing any liquid to seep through to the mattress.

Our CottonGuard™ mattress protector is a lighter-weight waterproof pad that balances comfort against protection, offering a noise-free and undetectable moisture-proof barrier that will keep your mattress dry in almost any situation.

We also offer a Poly Cotton quilted mattress pad, and an ultra-plush 100% Cotton quilted mattress pad.  While these do add a layer of absorbency against normal moisture (body oils, perspiration, etc) they are not waterproof, and are meant to allow air-flow under the sleeper and provide another thin layer of comforter beyond the mattress itself.